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???????? DISPLAY-2008
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Model Name Manufacturer Screen Size Resolution Viewing Angle Production State
H283QN01 AU 2.83 240x320 N/A Unknown
T-55343GD035JU-LW-AAN OPTREX 3.5 320x240 N/A Unknown
TX18D16VM1CAA HITACHI 7 640x480 N/A Unknown
AND064VT5N1-WVHB AND 6.4 640x480 N/A Unknown
HT10X21 BOE 10.4 1024x768 90/90 Unknown
T-55373D121J-LW-A-AAN OPTREX N/A 800x600 N/A Unknown
LTM170EI-A01 Samsung 17 1280x1024 75/75 Unknown
H019HN01 AU 1.88 176x220 N/A Unknown
HV20QV5 BOE 1.96 240x320 90/90 Unknown
A025BN01 AU 2.5 640x240 N/A Unknown
NL8060BC21-03 NEC 8.4 800x600 N/A Unknown
T-51511D150-FW-A-AC OPTREX 15 1024x768 N/A Unknown
FG020023D DATA IMAGE 2 128x160 N/A Unknown
NL160120AM27-13A NEC 21.3 1600x1200 N/A Unknown
NL2432HC17-02A NEC 2.7 240x320 N/A Unknown
COM25T2830 CASIO 2.5 480x240 N/A Unknown
T-55423GD050J-LW-A-ABN OPTREX 5 800x400 85/85 Unknown
T-55105D121J-FW-A-AAN OPTREX 12.1 1024x768 N/A Unknown
H167IN01 AU 1.67 128x160 N/A Unknown
LTM240W1-L03 Samsung 24 1920x1200 89/89 Unknown
Total: 429
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